Are you mulling over the idea of launching your own windows cleaning company? Maybe you’re searching for equipment for your new cleaning company and would like to ensure that it’s as efficient as is possible.
In the business of commercial window cleaning the profits you earn are directly correlated with the efficiency of your team. It is only by using the top best window cleaning tools in UK that your team can perform quicker and with no or minor errors.

In this article, we will look at the fundamental requirements of windows cleaning companies, from the equipment to the solutions and we also present the most efficient piece of equipment used to wash windows today – implementing drones.

However, before we do that, we’ll look into traditional solutions.

Basic window cleaning tools

The classic window washing kit includes everything you need on big commercial and residential glass cleaning jobs. Here’s a list for window washing equipment that you’ll need.

Squeegee: You can utilize the blade of a window squeegee to reduce or regulate the flow of cleaning solution over the surface of the window. Select an Unger squeegee which includes a steel frame and the possibility of replacing the blade with rubber.

Sponge: You can make use of the sponge, washer or scrubber for applying the cleaning products to your window. As with squeegees too, they come in a variety of types and sizes to aid in the task that is at hand. If needed, you may buy sleeves (either made of general cotton pads, abrasive scrubbing pads and microfiber) and T-bars.

The bucket is a common instrument, but take care to choose the correct bucket. You can’t choose an unsuitable bucket in any shape or size. This super-sized bucket from Ettore is the best choice as it is strong and with precise measurements to accommodate all of the Window cleaning products.

Dish soap: It’s better to use a basic solution for cleaning the glass in your window. Mix Dawn or Palmolive with water to create an affordable but professional wash.

Towels: If not want streaks of lint to show up when you wash the windows You must include towels in your window cleaning supplies. You can choose to use microfiber or surgical towels. The great thing about them is that they are washable and can allow you to achieve smooth, streak-free glass surface.

Ladder: If you are cleaning windows using the traditional method it is necessary to have an incredibly sturdy ladder. The best option is to make use of a standard 3 foot step ladder and then cover your bases with the twenty-foot Wener extensions ladder.

Choosing a cleaning solution

It’s easy to imagine that you require many complicated solutions and chemicals to clean your windows on the outside however all you really need is water and some mild detergent of some type. The majority of professionals in the industry use dish soap.

Alternative ways to clean your windows

If you’re an outside cleaner who wants to incorporate windows washing into your company You may be thinking about several alternatives, but read below to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Water-fed pole
Cleaning windows in high-rise buildings Water-fed poles are more secure than ladders, as they allow you to reach and clean difficult-to-access areas. Many window cleaning businesses in commercial settings choose this method because it allows workers to remain in the dirt.

But a pole that is water-fed cleaning system isn’t effective for washing windows with oil. It also hinders the ability to clean snail trails, bird excrement paint, cement plaster, and various stains.

The use of water-fed poles implies that the work can only be completed speedy if you’re employing the device. It’s not the fastest or most efficient way to finish the task.

Using a drone
Cleaning tall and high-rise buildings with multiple stories windows can be difficult even with cleaning platforms such as scaffolding and ropes.

Drones are a great option for making an impact. They’re designed to carry larger loads (cleaning machines and liquids) and provide a cheaper and quicker option for commercial cleaning when compared to conventional cleaning methods available currently, such as scaffolding and lifts. Window washers looking to add drones can do it quickly and effortlessly.

Window washing or an exterior cleaning crew can utilize drones that can fly to the desired height and aim at those areas that are not accessible and need to be cleaned without putting their cleaning equipment at risk. The best part is that it’s easy to pilot these drones. A good initial onboarding process is all your team requires to manage drones as well as conduct the cleaning procedure.

Furthermore, drones are the best cleaning method to clean windows using soft wash. Contrary to pressure washing, soft wash method of cleaning uses low-pressure water jets and is paired with detergents or our chemical solution Clear.

Clear is a solution that ensures that people do not have to get close to the windows to clean it. This means that you’ll finish the job quicker by changing your method of cleaning. Find out more details on Clear and safe window cleaning using a drone to ensure that all staining can be removed efficiently in a short amount of time, without leaving streaks.

Safely clean hard-to-reach windows with drones

Cleaning windows for business is a job that demands a lot of investment in a good equipment as well as manual labor. It is generally believed using extension poles and pressure wash windows are superior to traditional window cleaning (using ladders and pipe for a hose) but they’re not effective. They can cause property or bodily injury or fail to provide the desired cleanliness.

The most efficient option for your window cleaning team is to clean windows with drones, such as the highly-acclaimed C1 Spraying Drone. It ensures your work is safe quick, efficient, and affordable by incorporating features such as:

Urban flight: to fly safely in areas that have a low GPS connectivity.

Multi-directional spray nozzles: To make it easier to get downward and upward spray, which allows you to reach and clean difficult-to-access areas.

Simple integration: Connect to any soft wash pump.

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