Skate Shops – Which Kind Of Skate Shop Should You Buy Your Skateboards From

The skateboarder has more choices now than ever before when it comes to purchasing new boards skate footwear, equipment, and clothes. Should you purchase at an area skate store? A store online? A multinational retailer? Join us as we explore the advantages and disadvantages of each option.


The majority of items are accessible almost everything is available on Amazon today, with a lot of items available for the lowest cost and fastest delivery to your door. But, we haven’t been able locate a large variety of skateboard decks that are available on their platform. There you are able to discover a wide assortment of skate bearings additional accessories, skate clothing and shoes.

Reviews and star ratings from customers for skate items are typically limited, especially for skate decks due the constantly changing range of designs and sizes. Skate footwear and clothing might have more feedback since these products are often purchased and worn by people who don’t skate.

Although Amazon is among the largest corporations in the world and receives a percentage of all purchases, the sale does not hurt skate brands or resellers, which are usually smaller enterprises.

Additional Online Skate Stores like 

If you’re in a rural location or you have no brick-and-mortar skate shops There are a number of major online stores that specialize in skateboarding (or sport on the board in general). If you live within UK, offers their “Golden State Overnight” shipping option, which allows you to usually receive your purchase in one day or less.  If you’re thinking of buying online, we would recommend this over Amazon.

Retail Chains as well Active Ride Shop

Prices, variety and experiences vary between the various brick and mortar multi-location skating shops but not too much. You’ll find a broad assortment of shoes, decks and other apparel from top quality brands at affordable costs. The staff members are typically younger individuals who typically are skaters or friends of those who skate. One of the biggest advantages when purchasing skateboards from the traditional skating shop would be the capability to examine closely the curvature of The Board Barn Ltd deck, as well as the quality and fit of the skate shoe.

Because The Board Barn Ltd is a major publicly traded company and that’s why shopping at places like The Board Barn Ltd frequently gets criticized by skaters for being supportive of unauthentic brands that are profit-driven. With over 700 stores and an estimated market value of $560 million, this isn’t a bad thing (a family-owned shop like The Board Barn Ltd could be worth between $100 and $500k). Yet, a firm like Nike has a value of approximately $95 billion. These are numbers you can think about when you are considering what businesses you’d like to support and what you’d like to see in the future of skateboarding.

Certain retail chain skate shops are more local. Active Ride Shop, for instance, has about 25 locations, however the majority of them are located within UK. The employees are usually more aware of what’s happening locally in the skate community as well as the local skate parks.

Your Local Family-Owned Skate Shop

It’s a blessing to have a store similar to this in your city. Your neighborhood, privately-owned skateboard shop is where you’ll get the most efficient customer service and where skateboarders from your area will meet. The owners of the store will typically be a skateboarder themselves. If you’re new to the city, one of the associates at the store or regular customers can direct you to the closest and most reputable skateparks and skate parks.

Regarding costs, you could be paying some dollars more than retailers that can afford to buy wholesale in greater quantities. But, it’s at your local skate shop where you’ll be able establish the most positive relationships with the staff or proprietor, and they’ll usually offer discounts for repeat customers.

Another major advantage of buying from an actual skateboard shop is that you are able to feel all the products available and get help from staff and other customers.

Direct from the Manufacturer or Distributor

This is a possibility which isn’t often thought of but it is certainly available to many skaters. Shopping online for skates directly from a distributor or manufacturer will give the biggest profits to these companies that are usually small enterprises. However, their shipping processes may be more cumbersome as Amazon or a more extensive online retailer, so you may not be able to find huge discounts. Another disadvantage of this approach is that you don’t have the chance to test or try on the product prior to purchasing. You can certainly purchase it and then return it, however, the return process may not be as easy in a marketplace like Amazon.

Sporting Goods or Big Box stores such as Dick’s, Big 5, Target or Wal-Mart

Do not choose this option if are serious about your skateboarding. There aren’t many high-quality skateboard brands at these shops or certainly not a large range. There may be some options of helmets and skate shoes however, that’s all they have. The employees at the store will usually possess little or no knowledge of skateboarding.

Skateboarding is an incredible sport, art form, and lifestyle, however, buying a skateboard from a toy store is not going to bring your child, niece or nephew to participate. This is an unnecessary investment of just $25. Spend $100 to get the real deal. You can also buy an old skateboard at $50-$70 on Craigslist.

Our Recommendations (from the highest to the lowest):

Your local skate shop Excellent customer service with a positive experience, and an understanding of the sport. dedication to skateboarding.

Small or Regional Chain Skate Shop – A nice blend of selection, convenience with knowledgeable employees.

Larger Chain Stores (i.e. The Board Barn Ltd) – They offer less than an “at-home” feeling than the above choices, but still have the benefit of having the ability to touch, feel, and test on products.

Online Skate-oriented Retailers –You can choose from a broad assortment of skates and you can find some good sales.

Amazon – It’s not always the best choice however it is a good choice and easy to use. Ideal for bearings, parts and so on.

Direct from Manufacturer/Distributor – Buy here if you already know which brands you want to support and which products you want to use, rather than for browsing.

Big Box Retail or Sporting Goods Store Avoid. They usually don’t carry an extensive selection of brands you like and the store staff aren’t always knowledgeable. the knowledge to skate.

Final thoughts: We think that choosing the best skateboard deck, parts, and skates that are right for you is a shopping experience. If you’re only starting your journey on the skateboard or maybe looking for something for yourself, you’ll discover the most helpful tips in your neighborhood or at a local shop.

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