Shopping Guide To Different Styles Of Danish Sofas On The Market

Buying a sofa is an important job and can be quite a hard decision. There are many different shapes, sizes and colours out there that suit different rooms and different needs perfectly. Amongst the choice are a range of Danish designs which are featured in this article.  Whether you’re looking for a family sofa or the finishing touch to your drawing room, there will be a sofa that’s just what you want. With such a vast choice of sofa styles out there it’s hard to choose, so here is a basic guide to some of the amazing styles available today.

Mezzo Sofas

The Mezzo sofas boast a large, spacious seating area. They have big, thin cushions that maximize comfort, each consisting of exclusive stitching details. Attached to the back cushions are smaller extra cushions that can be used to help you be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. The armrests include extra padding, and all the cushions are filled with a mixture of foam and feathers. This top quality sofa style is made of solid wood and is available in leather or fabric in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Monte Sofas

This classy 70’s style sofa is a compact and simple design, which means it’s ideal for smaller rooms. The cushions are thick and full, resulting in the ultimate relaxing experience. The frame is made of strong metal, with steel springs, and the cushions are also filled with a mixture of foam and feathers. The cushions have a loose cover over them, which is great when they need a clean. This stylish and modern sofa is the perfect first sofa for a flat or smaller house.

Nago Sofas

The Nago sofa is famed for its high back and amazing headrests. The headrests are easily adjustable, and with such a high back you can find comfort in whatever way you wish to sit! The arm rests are also made to maximize your comfort, and the sturdy framework is solid wood resulting in a high class piece of furniture, which will last a long time. Whether you’re looking for a corner sofa or a sofa with an extra buffet for comfort, the Nago sofas are a great choice!

Bergen Sofas

This voluminous design is very masculine but appreciated by all. The beautiful stitching in the centre of the cushions gives a stylish and modern appeal and it is available in a variety of colours. The Bergen sofas come with a cushion that can be easily moved to suit your perfect relaxing position. The cushions are filled with fire balls on top of foam, which result in a bouncy and comfortable feel. Whether you want a leather or fabric sofa, the Bergen sofas are available in a variety of styles, colours and materials.

Fargo Sofas

Finally, the Fargo sofas are classic curvy sofas with beautiful soft lines. Where the armrests meet the seat frame is a fantastically stylish design, which fits perfectly with this overall classy sofa. If you buy a Fargo sofa you can choose between 2 different heights of backrests and 3 different armchair accompaniments.

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