All You Need To Know About Wave Curtains

The wave curtains have become a trendy modern style that looks great in any decor. If you’ve thought about the possibility of incorporating these elegant and minimalist curtains in your home We’re here to assist you learn everything you have to know about these curtains.

What exactly is a wave curtain?

The wave curtain is a trademarked design of Made curtains. Curtains made of wave offer a fresh option to curtain head, moving the curtains along specially designed track tracks that create an even, smooth ripple effect. As they are pulled out, the wave curtains do away with the bunched look like conventional curtain poles and tracks.

How do they work?

The look of a wave curtain is achieved by using an specially-designed wave curtain headers that fold the material of the curtain into a series of folds.

Are wave curtains a good choice in my house?

The minimalist and sleek look that wave curtains create is ideal for modern spaces, however they also look great in traditional settings. Wave curtain tracks can increase lighting entering into the space which makes them perfect for rooms where light is at a high level.

Can curtain panels be made from any fabric?

In contrast to regular curtains, certain fabric types are not suitable for use as curtain panels for wave tops. The reason is that the fabric you select needs to to drape properly, and follow the insides and outs of the tracks to be able to fall in the correct wave pattern.

In general, stiff or heavy fabrics are not appropriate, and neither are those with a sloping stripe pattern that is in contrast to the waves created through the tracks. Voile, cotton, and a few silks might be appropriate. If you want to test the fabric’s suitability, you can try holding it between your fingers in a wave-like pattern and observe if it follows the pattern when it falls.

Because of the even and consistent way they fall, wave curtains are an ideal for showing the repeating patterns to the best impact.

What is the amount of fabric required?

With waves, there’s no possibility of adjusting the size of the quantity of fabric you’ll need It’s crucial to choose the right fabric. As a rule of thumb you’ll need approximately 2 to 2.5 times the space of your window, however follow the specifications for curtain tracks.

The most well-known wave curtain?

Wave curtains come with either 60mm or 80mm space between the gliders. 80mm is the preferred size, resulting in a greater waves in the fabric.

Which is the better track for wave curtains?

If you’re considering the best wave curtain track ideal for you it’s good to know there’s no “better than the other – it’s all individual preference. If you’re using the wave-headed curtain as for a partition in your room and are looking for a room divider, it is recommended to use the Made curtains is an excellent option because it’s identical across both sides and the top fixing bracket is hidden behind the track.

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